About Sam

For the younger me, there was a disconnect between two facets of my personality. My favorite subject in school was by far Science, that is, until I got to Art or Music.

I’ve continually sought the purpose of being alive, contrasted with the deep fascination of how life came to exist in the first place.

Eventually I realized that these two facets are not polar opposites, but are instead the yin and yang of a larger truth - we are both living science and living spirit, not one or the other.

Everything I write is an unfolding of my own journey to understand the constant calling of spirituality and the drive to learn how organic matter becomes consciousness. It has spanned across religions, scientific theory and studies, and both modern and ancient wellness.



What does “Watering Stones” mean?

“Watering Stones” is from a poem by Mary Oliver. The poem, to me, perfectly describes that great magical mystery that I aim to bridge with this blog - that beautiful intersection of the scientific definition of a thing, and the living essence of a thing.

Stones are not said to be alive, and yet, the stones in Mary Oliver’s poem appear to “drink”, and speak to her on a level that can only be felt, not explained. So much of our human experience is like that - a blending of emotional intuition and rational thought, our animal instinct versus our evolved intellect.

I chose the name because I have been on a quest of watering my own stony heart for self-care and spiritual wellness, the resulting growth cracking it open. I also love metaphorically watering my mind, being open to learning and seeking new teachers. At its root, ‘watering stones” is all about inspiring emotional and spiritual growth, while embracing and nurturing our curiosity.


There is a crack in everything... that’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen